पूर्वोत्तर क्षेत्रीय विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान   
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh 
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Dr. Madhu Bala Sharma


Wood Science, Plant Anatomy, Ethnobotany, Forest Products and Their Utilization

E-mail:mbs_madhu[AT]yahoo(dot)co(dot)in, ms[AT]nerist(dot)ac(dot)in,
Phone(EPBX/Office): 2257401-8 Extension 7154

  • Honors and Awards
  • Educational Details
  • Administrative Background
  • Sponsored Research Projects
  • Memberships in Professional bodies
  • Teaching Engagements
  • Projects and Dissertations Supervised
  • Ph.D. Supervised
  • Participation in short term courses
  • Short Term Courses  / Training programs Organized /Lectures Delivered
  • Publications (Last 5 Years)
  1. Young Scientist Award 1993-1994: Awarded by ISTS, Dr. YS Parmar University of  Horticulture and Forestry, Solan -173230, Himachal Pradesh for outstanding research contribution in  forestry
  2. Research Associate, CSIR, New Delhi, February, 1991 to June , 1992
  3. Senior Research Fellowship, CSIR, New Delhi , February, 1988 to January, 1991
  4. Senior Research Fellowship, HP University Shimla during Ph.D. (1986 to January,1988)
  5. Awarded Gold Medal for Certificate Course in German (1986)  
  6. Awarded Gold Medal for Diploma Course in German (1987)  
  7. Junior Research Fellowship, HP University Shimla during M. Phil. (1984-86)
  8. Merit Scholarship of HP University Shimla during M. Sc. (1982-84)
  Degree Subject University Year
  Ph. D. Botany H. P. University Shimla 1990
  M. Phil. Botany H. P. University Shimla 1986
  M. Sc. Botany H. P. University Shimla 1984
  Certificate Course  German H. P. University Shimla 1986
  Diploma Course German H. P. University Shimla 1987
S. No From To Designation Organisation
1. 18th March, 2024  Till date Dean, Research and Development  NERIST
2. 31st May, 2021 18th March, 2024 Head, Department of Forestry NERIST
3.  August, 2022  November, 2023 Chairperson,  Sexual Harassment Committee NERIST
4. August, 2022 March, 2023 Chairman, KG School   NERIST
5. December, 2015 December, 2018 Chairperson,  Sexual Harassment Committee NERIST
6. February, 2015 April, 2018 Head, Department of Forestry NERIST
7. January, 2002  April, 2008  Hostel Warden NERIST
8. January, 2007 May, 2021  In-charge of Wood Science & Forest Product Lab NERIST
Topic Funding Agency Year Amount (Rs.)
Studies on NTFPs of Arunachal Pradesh: Documentation and commercial potential of high value medicinal plants, thatches and brooms (Co-PI)

DST, New Delhi

2006-2010 11.77 Lakhs
Evaluation of Taxus wallichiana from North Eastern and North Western Indian Himalayas for selection of Elite clones for Artificial Propagation (Co-PI) DBT, New Delhi 2012-2015 32.69 Lakhs
Studies on contribution of agroforestry systems in wildlife and biodiversity conservation in Northeast India, (PI) CSIR, New Delhi 2013-2016 27.50 Lakhs
Documentation of Indigenous knowledge system of selected major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and the relevance of Intellectual property right to IKS (Co-PI)


Kosi-Katarmal, Almora

2018-2021 48.33 Lakhs
  1. Life member of ISTE
  2. Life member of IAWS, Bangalore
  3. Member of International Association of Wood Anatomists, Netherlands
Course Title Course Code Module
Wood Anatomy FR-21104 Degree
Wood Anatomy FR-5103 Degree
Wood Science & Technology FR-5202 Degree
Timber & Non-Timber Forest Products FR-5203 Degree
Logging & Ergonomics FR-6105 Degree
Wood Science & Technology FR-8101 PG
Concept of Forestry FR-9001 Ph.D.
Timber & Non-Timber Forest Products FR-9003 Ph.D.
Wood Technology FR-9010 Ph.D.

 M. Sc. (Forestry) and B. Sc. Forestry students guided/co-guided:

1. M. Sc. (Forestry) Dissertations      23 Students
2. B. Sc. (Forestry) Final Projects     26 Students
S. No Name of Ph. D. Scholar Supervised / Co-Supervised Status
1. Ms. Malti Kumar Singh Supervised Ph.D. Completed
2.  Mr. Bibhuti Ranjan Gogoi Supervised Ph.D. Completed
3. Mr. Kabuk Lego Co-Supervised Ph.D. Completed
4. Ms. Yashmita Ulman Nitin Co-Supervised Ph.D. Completed
5. Mr. Diana Ethel Amonge Co-Supervised Ph.D. Completed
6. Mr. Govinda Pangging Co-Supervised Ph.D. Completed
7. Ms. Dhanashree Laishram  Co-Supervised Ph.D. Completed
8. Mr. Jayanta Gogoi Supervised Ph.D. Completed
9. Mr. Mahesh Wangkhem Supervisor Contd.
10. Mr. Niraj Rai Supervisor Contd.
11.  Ms. Momang Tali Co-Supervisor Contd.
12. Ms. Joyshree Debbarma Co-Supervisor Contd.
13. Ms. Nabam Api Co-Supervisor Contd.
14. Ms. Kritika Prasar Supervisor Contd.
15. Ms. Techi Yachi Supervisor Contd.
Course Name Sponsored By Date
Managing change for the growth of technical institutions Department of HSS , NERIST,  Nirjuli, A. P. 05-06-2000 to15-06-2000
Disaster Management FNDM Centre,  Deptt. of Civil Engg.  NERIST, Nirjuli, A. P. 04-10-2001 to 10-10-2001
Integrated Watershed Development and Management Department  of Agri. Engineering, NERIST,
Nirjuli, A. P.
17-12-2001 to 28-12-2001
IT applications in library and information management NERIST, Nirjuli, A. P. 11-11-2002 to 22-11-2002
Mechanical Engineering Design: A concurrent engineering approach Mechanical  Engg. Department, NERIST, Nirjuli, A. P. 02-12-2002 to 13-12-2002
Translating Ideas into Products and Patents Mechanical Engg. Department, NERIST, Nirjuli, A. P. 17-02-2003 to 28-2-2003
Integrated Management Programme for effective Management of Technical Institutions Department of HSS, NERIST, Nirjuli, A. P. 17-03-2003 to 28-03-2003
Recent advances in design & testing of agricultural machines Department of Agri. Engineering,
NERIST, Nirjuli, A. P.
23-06-2003 to 04-07-2003
Biomedical Imaging Department of Computer Science &Engg., NERIST, Nirjuli, A. P. 10-11-2003 to 21-11-2003
Technical Institutions and Entrepreneurial Development : OD approach Department of HSS, NERIST, Nirjuli, A. P. 16-12-2003 to 26-12-2003
Management of Social Forestry for Sustainable Livelihood NIRD-NEC Ghy and Dr. C. L. Sharma, Forestry Deptt. 25-04-2011 to 30-04-2011
Capacity building for rural development functionaries of NE Region NIRD-NEC Ghy and Dr. C. L. Sharma, Forestry Deptt. 21-11-2011 to 26-11-2011
SPSS User Training Workshop ISI Kolkata and  Forestry Department, NERIST 31-10- 2011to 04-11-2011
Ergonomics and safety in production designs Department of Agricultural Engineering, NERIST, Nirjuli, AP 14-05-2013 to 18-05-2013
Faculty development programme on “Stress Management” CMS and ECE deptt., NERIST 04-11-2013 to 06 -11-2013 
Appropriate Technology for Rural  Development Department of Mechanical Engg., NERIST, Nirjuli, AP 25-08-2014 to 29-08-2014
  1. Training programme on Forest, Wildlife and Ecotourism: Challenges and Opportunities sponsored by Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt of India at NERIST, Nirjuli, Arunachal Pradesh during 21-24th August, 2014.
  2. Training programme on Enhancement of livelihood and biodiversity conservation through community based organisation sponsored by MOEF and CC, New Delhi at Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh during 21st March – 24th March, 2015. 
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