पूर्वोत्तर क्षेत्रीय विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान   
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh 
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NERIST has 10 hostels, 8 for boys and 2 for girls. One hostel each is kept for the PG boys and PG girls. The girls' hostels are safely located inside the residential complex of the faculty members and officers. The hostels are within walking distance from the academic blocks. The boys' hostel complex has two ATMs and couple of mini-shops; and indoor stadium, lawn tennis court, basket ball court and outdoor badminton courts. The girls' hostels have an outdoor badminton court, a basket ball court and a small shop. The hostels have separate mess providing healthy food to the residents at reasonable rate.

UG girls are required to be back in the hostel by 7:00 PM. An hour's relaxation is given to PG girl students and research scholars.

Uninterrupted power supply is ensured by dedicating a standby Generator for the hostels. Efforts are afoot to provide filtered water for drinking and cooking.

Each hostel is looked after by a Caretaker and Warden. Bigger hostels have two wardens. All the wardens are members of the Hostel Management Council (HMC), with its office located near the Pipal tree planted by Shri Giani Zail Singh, former President of India. The HMC Office Building houses the Office Chambers of the Chairman-cum-Chief Warden, Additional Chief Wardens, Assistant Registrar, Section Officer, Superintendent and other staff. HMC Office is the first and the nearest office that meets the eyes of visitors after entering NERIST Gate. It looks after the overall work of the Council which includes admissions, establishment, mess, infrastructure, financial and discipline managements. It also works as Anti-Ragging Nodal Office with the Chief Warden as its Ex-Officio Nodal Officer.

The inmates of the hostels cut across the social and academic spectra, reflecting a unique diversity. They come from length and breadth of the country to pursue wide ranging courses, laterally and vertically. Diversity is strength for the hostels and the hostellers coexist harmoniously.

Medical Health Unit, situated within the Institute Campus with Ambulance facility and 3 doctors, looks after the health care needs of the hostellers as well as others. Besides the Health Unit, the utility services available for the boarders (and also for others) include a Mini-Super Bazaar, SBI Bank, Sub-Post Office, Telephone Exchange, Canteen, two additional ATMs near the Gate and a Gym near the Play Ground close to the boys' hostel complex. A quality Canteen, being planned for the hostels, is going to be professionally managed.

The hostel security is looked after by the SURAKSHA Company, under the command of an Officer, belonging to the Arunachal Pradesh Police, on deputation.

Hostel Management Council

Mr. Radak Blange Chief Warden - Chairman 7642033361
  Warden, Block A    
Dr. M. Hassan Warden, Block B -Member 8258032145
Mr. Arun Kr. Choudhary, Warden, Block C -Member 8794482644
Mr. A.K. Singh Yadav Warden, Block D -Member 9873936275
Dr. Kunal Borah Warden, Block E -Member 9706032313
Mr. Tage Tapang Warden, Block F -Member 9863810608
Miss Piyali Das Warden, Block G -Member 8415023777
Dr. Mrs. Dipika Debi Warden, Block PG Girls -Member  
Dr. M. Upadhaya Warden, Block PG Boys -Member 7017718821

Mess Manager-Cum-Caretaker

Mr. Dorjee Shandmu, UDC Block A 8794515175
Mr. Dorjee Shandmu, UDC Block B 9402258737
Mr. Banji Patir, LDC Block C 9774621921
Mr. Banji Patir, LDC Block D 9774952450
Mr. E.N.V. Nair, LDC Block F 8794515175
Mrs. Mousumi Roy Choudhury Block G 9436290235
Mr. Thomas Mathew Block H 8794360542
Mr. Thomas Mathew BRAHMAPUTRA 8794360542
Mrs. N. Siyum, LDC SUBANSIRI 9615839775