पूर्वोत्तर क्षेत्रीय विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान   
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh 
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Dr. Md. Farid Hussain


Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Pulse Polarographicmethod of metal analysis, Air and Water Pollution studies.

e-mail: mfh[AT] nerist(dot)ac(dot)in /mfh225762[AT]yahoo(dot)com,
Phone(EPBX/Office):2257401 - 410 extn. 6119 (Off)

  • Professional Background
  • Honors and Awards
  • Educational Details
  • Administrative Background
  • Sponsored Research Projects
  • Memberships in Professional bodies
  • Participation in short term courses
  • Publications
From To Designation Organisation
2006 Till date Professor NERIST
1997 2006 Associate Professor NERIST
1988 1997 Assistant Professor NERIST
1987 1988 Research Scientist ISM, Dhanbad
1986 1987 Pool Scientist CSMCRI, Bhavnagar
1985 1986 Research Associate ISM, Dhanbad
Award Institute Year
1. CSIR-JRF CSIR-New Delhi  
National Merit Scholarship    
Degree Subject University Year
  Ph.D.   Chemistry   Indian Institute of Technology Delhi   1985
M.Sc. Physical Chemistry Aligarh Muslim University 1980
B.Sc. Chemistry Aligarh Muslim University 1978
From To Designation Organisation
1996 2001 Warden, Hostel Block 'B' NERIST
2004 2005 Controller (Stores &Purchase) Secretary NERIST
2010 2012 Nominee Chairman, KendriyaVidyalaya ISTE Assam & Eastern NERIST
2010 2012 Chairman, NERIST Entrance Examination NERIST
2012 2015 Head, Department of Chemistry NERIST
2015 Till date Dean (Administration) NERIST
Topic Funding Agency Year
Removal Of Heavy Metals From Industrial Effluents Using Organic Compound Adsorbents CSIR, New Delhi.       05-05-96 to 31-03-99
Potentials and Kinetics of Heavy Metal Load and Self - Purification Power of Pachin River (Itanagar). Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India, New Delhi 29-12-98 to 31-03-2001
  1. Life Member - Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)
  2. Life Member - Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE),      
  3. Life Member – Indian Society of Analytical Scientists (ISAS). 
Course Name Sponsored By Date
Integrated Watershed Development and Management                               ISTE-AICTE  17-28 December 2001 
IT Applications in Library and Information Management NERIST 11-22 November 2002
Integrated Management Programme for Effective Management of Technical Institutions ISTE-AICTE 17-28 March 2003
Frontier Lecture Programme IIT Guwahati 29-30 August 2003
Technical Institutions and Entrepreneurial Development: OD Approach NERIST 16-26 December 2003
Science, Women and Creative Spirit NERIST 15-19 March 2004
Self Employment Generation NERIST 22-26 March 2004
Recent Trends in Environment and Sustainable Development NERIST 11th September 2004
Awareness Programme on ISO 14000 Environment Management System Electronics Test & Development Centre, Guwahati 30-31 January 2006
Behavioural Competency Development: Psychological Aspects AICTE-ISTE 23-27 March 2009
Faculty Awareness Camp on Entrepreneurship (FACE) ISTE-NSTEDB 26-28 November 2009
2nd One-day INDEST User Convention (E-Journals & E-Resources Awareness Training Indian National Digital Library in Engineering Sciences and Technology (INDEST) 10th September 2011
Stress Management’. Faculty development Programme TEQIP 4-6 November 2013
International Journals:
  1. Differential Pulse Polarographic Determination of Pb in Complex Materials After Adsorption of Its N-Methyl ethyl xanthocarbamate Complex on Micro-crystalline Naphthalene or on N-Methyl ethyl xanthocarbamate Benzyl dimethyl tetra decyl ammonium–Naphthalene Adsorbent’. M. F. Hussain,  A. K. Sangahi, I. Ahmad and B. K. Puri. Journal of AOAC International, 2002, 85(3), 712-718, USA).
  2. 'N-Methylethylxxanthocarbamate as an Analytical Reagent: Differential Pulse Polarographic Determination of Cadmium in Standard alloys, Biological and Environmental samples after Adsorption of its Complex on Microcrystalline Naphthalene', M. F. Hussain, A. K. Sangahi and B. K. Puri. Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2002, 57(8), 724-729 (Russia).
  3. ‘Spectrophotometric Determination of Vanadium and Indium After Adsorption of Their Trifluoroethyl xanthates onto Microcrystalline Naphthalene and Replacement by Copper’, M. F. Hussain, A. K. Sangahi and B. K. Puri.  ChimicaActaTurcica, 1999, 27(2), 19-25.
  4. Simultaneous Determination of Cobalt and Nickel in Standard Alloys, Environmental and Biological Samples by Differential Pulse Polarography after Pre-concentration of Their Morpholine-4-carbodithioates on Microcrystalline Naphthalene or Morpholine-4-dithiocarbamate-CTMAB-Naphthalene Adsorbent’.    Swati Puri, R. K. Dubey, B. K. Puri  and M. F. Hussain. Analytical Letters, 1998, 31(2),  283-297.  
  5. ‘Determination of Arsenic in various Environmental and Oil Samples by Differential Pulse Polarography after Adsorption of Its Morpholine-4-carbodithioate onto Microcrystalline Naphthalene or Morpholine-4-dithio-carbamate-CTMAB-Naphthalene Adsorbent’.Rajesh Kumar Dubey,  Bal Krishan Puri  and  M. F. Hussain. Analytical Letters, 1997, 30(1),  163-172.
  6. Trifluoroethyl xanthate as an Analytical Reagent: AAS of Zinc, Antimony and Lead after Coprecipitation of Their Trifluoroethylxanthates onto Microcrystalline Naphthalene’. M. F. Hussain, M. Katyal, B. K. Puri and Y. Takagi. International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 1990, 38, 525-531.
  7. ‘Trifluoroethylxanthate as an Analytical Reagent: Spectrophotometric  Determination of Uranium and Iron in Complex Materials’.   M. F. Hussain,  B. K. Puri,  M. Katyal  and  M. Satake. Annali di Chimica, 1986, 76, 61–68, (Rome).
  8. ‘Spectrophotometric Determination of Molybdenum After Separation by the Adsorption of Its Trifluoroethyl xanthate on Naphthalene’.   M. F. Hussain,  M. Katyal,  B. K. Puri and  M. Satake. Analyst (London), 1986,  111, 1171-1174
  9. ‘Trifluoroethyl xanthate as an Analytical Reagent: Spectrophotometric Determination of  Cobalt, and Copper as Their Trifluoroethylxanthates’.    M. F. Hussain,  B. K. Puri,  R. K. Bansal  and  M. Satake. MicrochimActa (Wien), 1985,  1,  227-236.
  10. Spectrophotometric Determination of Cobalt, Nickel and Iridium after Coprecipitation of Their Tetrahydrofurfurylxanthates on to Microcrystalline Naphthalene’. M. F. Hussain,  R. K. Bansal,  B. K. Puri  and  M. Satake.     Analyst (London), 1985,  110,  1131-1136.   
  11. Separation of Metal Trifluoroethyl xanthates by Thin Layer chromatography’.M. F. Hussain, R. K. Bansal, B. K. Puri and M. Satake.  Analyst (London), 1985,  110,  779-783
  12. Spectrophotometric Determination of Tellurium after Separation by Coprecipitation of Its Trifluoroethylxanthate with Naphthalene’.    M. F. Hussain,  B. K. Puri,  R. K. Bansal  and  M. Satake, Analyst (London), 1984,  109,  1291-1295
  13. ‘Trifluoroethylxanthate as a Reagent for the Determination of Gold’, M. F. Hussain,  R.K.Bansal,  B.K.Puri  and  M.Satake. Analyst (London), 1984,  109,  1151-1153.
  14. Solid-liquid Separation after Liquid-liquid Extraction: Spectrophotometric  Determination of Cobalt by Extraction of Its 2-Methoxyethyl Xanthate in Molten Naphthalene’. M. F. Hussain,R. K. Bansal andB. K. Puri.CroaticaChemicaActa, 1984,  57(2),  219-227.
  15. ‘Spectophotometric Determination of Zinc and Lead after Extraction of Their 1-pyrrolidine carbodithioate Complexes into Molten Naphthalene and Replacement with Copper’. Avadesh Kumar,  M. F. Hussain,  M. Satake  and  B. K. Puri. Journal of Chinese Chemical Society, 1984,  31,  55-62.
  16. Spectophotometric Determination of Cobalt using Potassium n-Butyl xanthate’.M. F. Hussain, B. K. Puri, A. L. J. Rao and S. Singh. ChimicaActaTurcica, 1983, 11, 181-190.
  17. Spectophotometric Determination of Nickel by Extraction of Its PyrrolidineDithio-carbamate Complex into Molten Naphthalene’.  Avadesh Kumar, M. F. Hussain,  M. Satake and B. K. Puri. ChimicaActaTurcica, 1983,  11(3),  337-344.
  18. Spectophotometric Determination of Niobium, Vanadium and Osmium after Extraction of Their 8-Hydroxyquinolinates into Molten Naphthalene’.    B. K. Puri,  M. Gautam, Ashok Kumar, A. Wasey,  M. F. Hussain and C. L. Sethi.       ChemicaScripta, 1983,  22, 19-21
  19. Spectophotometric Determination of Palladium(II) by Extraction of Its 1-Pyrrolidine carbodithioate into Molten Naphthalene’.    Avadesh Kumar,  M. F. Hussain,  M. Satake  and  B. K. Puri. Bulletin of the Chemical  Society of  Japan, 1982,  55(11),  3455-3458.
National Journals:
  1. 'Major ion and heavy metal chemistry of  Pachin river (Itanagar) - levels and sources'.M. F. Hussain, I. Ahmad  and  K. O. Konhauser.  Journal of Environmental Science & Engineering, 2006, 48(1), 27 - 34.
  2. 'Variability in Physico-chemical Parameters of Pachin river (Itanagar)'.M. F. Hussain  and  I. Ahmad.Indian J. of Environmental Health, 2002, 44(4), 329-336.
  3. ‘Level of Air Pollution in the Fire Area of JhariaCoalfield’.S. P. Banerjee and  M. F. Hussain. Indian Journal of Environmental Protection, 1989,   9(7), 499-505.
  4. tro
International Conferences
  1. Distribution of Trace Elements in Bed Sediment of River Pachin, Itanagar, India’. Mohammad Farid Hussain,  Y. Bidyalaxmi Devi, Iqbal Ahmad and RamakarJha. Published in the Proceedings of the XII World Water Congress ‘Water for Sustainable Development – Towards Innovative Solutions’ 22–25 November ,2005 held at Hotel Ashoke,Organized by Central Board of Irrigation and Power, New Delhi.
  2. BOD-DO Simulation for River Pachin, Arunachal Pradesh’.  M. F. Hussain and RamakarJha.    Published in the Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on “Water Quality Management”, 13–15 February 2003;     Central Board of Irrigation and Power, New Delhi.